Even Under Fire, all Facebook Apps Were the Most Used in 2018

Top Apps downloads of 20182018 wasn’t a kind year for Facebook at all. The company faced heavy criticisms over the way they handle the data of their users and 2019 doesn’t look good either since Mark Zuckerberg has made a point to remain the head of the company despite the unpopular policies adopted by him in regards of the way the social network works. On top of all these fires that won’t go away, Facebook still has to deal with numerous hackings, breaches on user’s data. It should e the perfect recipe to make a company go down under. Not to Facebook though, since the users are still using all the products of Continue reading

Hack Instagram account with Brute-force method

In today’s article we’re going to teach you how to hack Instagram account using an old method of hacking called brute-force.

Before proceeding to the tutorial, we must add the following disclaimer and terms of this article you’re agreeing with if you decided to use the method below. Because the information contained here can be used in wrong activities we don’t don’t want you to do, like stealing other people’ accounts, as it’s strictly against the low.

Today we’ll be explaining how to use the special software, called Insta-Ripper to find Instagram login password of desired account.

Disclaimer and Terms of this post:
After reading and learning the method, you’re allowed to use it in aim just to recover back your lost, forgotten or hacked password of your own Continue reading

15 Ways how Social Media is Changing the World

Social media changing worldThe talk about social media making us narcissistic and superficial due to our obsession with it is just a big hype. The fact is, that is changing the globe in amazing ways. This is a conclusion from the research done by University College London and it has been provided in various new books and reports.
For this extraordinary research, nine anthropologists spent 15 months living in nine different communities around the world. During that time, they researched the impact of social media in everyday lives of the people. According to reports, it has formed relationships among different civilizations around the world and brought people together whether they are Muslims women on the Turkish border, Chinese factory workers, Poor children in Brazil, or IT professionals in India.

Following are 15 ways how these sites are changing our world we live:

1. Memes became our moral way what is right and what not
Over the years, there has been an increased use of memes in social media. Memes can be used as humorous jokes and parodies as well as to deliver serious religious messages.

2. Social media is an important catalyst to educate people
It’s another hype that spending too much time on websites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. distracts children from their studies. That may be true in some cases, but study found that there are many schools around the world that recognize that social media helps in informal learning and in some Continue reading

Snapchat Popularity is in Increase Every Day

These days, young millennials from all around the world are logging on to social media platforms that are hip and trendy. Among these platforms and websites is an app called Snapchat that is quickly gaining market share. It’s a great network app that is behind Instagram and Facebook in terms of market share of youngsters using smartphone social networks applications. So it can be concluded that this software has become more popular than some of the well-known names in this field market, especially in the age group between 18 and 34.

Social Media sites popularity graph

Snapchat is a trendy app that has become quite popular. It is a photo messaging app that was released back in September 2011. It allows users to capture photos, videos, as well as add drawings and text to the message and send it to recipients who are also registered on this network. The videos or photographs you send on are called ‘Snaps’. This cool social media app is available on Android and iOS platforms.

How and why Snapchat became popular?

In an age of timelines, permanence, and revenge posts, Snapchat paved a way for youngsters to share photos freely – without the Continue reading

How to Have More Followers (Likes) on Facebook Page – Guide & Tips

More FB likes tipsDo you own any business? Are you a public figure? Do you want to promote your products or videos? Do you want your website to get more followers and reach? Well, Facebook fan pages can certainly help you achieve your targets. With a huge number of people using social media, FB has become one of the best ways to promote your business or products.

Now the question arises how can one get more fans and followers on FB pages? Well, it used to be a myth, but now Facebook has explained everything quite clearly. So, here are few tips and tricks from our team to help you get fans and likes on your fan page.

Never Buy Followers Online:

Some people are selling likes for various niches pages. Honestly speaking, they get you only fake people liking your page. This will lead to low reach, and ultimately Facebook will penalize your one. So, avoid getting fake likes if you wish to maintain your social Continue reading

How to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Instagram for businessSo, you own a company and looking to get some online presence. Have you tried social media websites? Okay let’s be specific here. Have you tried Instagram to get more online presence for your business? This is because a latest report has revealed that IG is one of the fastest growing social networking website. And this social networking application has all the potential to promote your firm and take it to new heights of success.

If you are looking to promote your business on Instagram, then should read this guide  because here you will find best techniques for your campaigns to become successful.

– Before we proceed with steps, we have to warn everyone to beware of installing suspicious application which can hack Instagram passwords like.
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Now we can continue with main topic.

Use Hashtags:

I know you might think why am I suggesting the use of hashtags? I understand that these are considered as an abuse. (See the top 100 ones). Let me correct myself here; the abusive use of hashtags is considered annoying. This is true! But the use of them holds the key to Continue reading