How to Have More Followers (Likes) on Facebook Page – Guide & Tips

More FB likes tipsDo you own any business? Are you a public figure? Do you want to promote your products or videos? Do you want your website to get more followers and reach? Well, Facebook fan pages can certainly help you achieve your targets. With a huge number of people using social media, FB has become one of the best ways to promote your business or products.

Now the question arises how can one get more fans and followers on FB pages? Well, it used to be a myth, but now Facebook has explained everything quite clearly. So, here are few tips and tricks from our team to help you get fans and likes on your fan page.

Never Buy Followers Online:

Some people are selling likes for various niches pages. Honestly speaking, they get you only fake people liking your page. This will lead to low reach, and ultimately Facebook will penalize your one. So, avoid getting fake likes if you wish to maintain your social media presence.

Use Facebook Advertisement platforms:

Well, what else can be better than the advertisement to get new followers and fans on your page? This is, in fact, the best way to get fans on your sites. You can either promote your post. You can even promote your own one to get more fans. The best thing is that you can also launch a pay per click advertisement. Under this campaign, you will only pay when a customer clicks on the post or link. Learn some tips about this method here.

Post Images instead text posts:

Here is an important tip. Always try to use images whenever you post something on your page. Image posts get more reach on Facebook instead of text posts. More reach means that more people view your post. This leads to people following your page provided they like your posts.

Use Tags:

Facebook has lately launched tags with hashtag in front of just like Twitter. Try to use trending tags with your posts. If you are using popular or trending tags, then there is a possibility that your page will appear higher in search results when someone search for a particular tag on Facebook. So, you will get more exposure and ultimately the best chance to get more followers. Guide how to use them right way.

Arrange competition for your fans:

A free giveaway for your fans is always a good idea. Arrange some sort of competition for people following fanpage and give the winner a free giveaway. Who does not like freebies? So, this will encourage people to like your page.

I hope this will help you to answer your question “how to get followers in Facebook page”